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Fifth Edition Volume VII

During the winter months only three funeral pieces will be left on the grave, unless prior arrangements are made with the cemetery from December 1st to March 5th.

Winter clean up will begin on February 1, 2015, weather permitting. If you wish to save any decorations, please remove them prior to March 1, 2015. Christmas decorations may be removed prior to the general clean up depending on weather conditions.

Floral renewal notices will be mailed on or about February 3, 2015. If you do not receive an invoice by March 3, 2015 and wish to order Flowers, please contact the office. To guarantee a Memorial Day planting, flower beds must be paid by April 25th. Only red, pink or white begonias will be available.

Artificial decorations of any nature are not permitted between the periods of March 1st and November 1st. Cemetery personnel will remove any non-conforming decorations, as well as live potted plants that have passed their life cycle.

Placement of Flags for Memorial Day may commence one week prior to the holiday and will remain on the grave until August 1st.

Single upright stone graves for two burials are available in the Richardson’s Way section. These graves include a lawn crypt to receive the casket and the foundation to place a three foot high by two foot wide by one foot thick upright stone constructed of gray granite. The stone is purchased by the family.

Installation of markers/foundations will commence after the spring thaw, approximately mid April 2015

Flat marker single graves are available in the Maplewood or Restland sections. These graves for two burials include the lawn crypt to receive the caskets. They may be marked with either a bronze of granite flat marker two foot by one foot. The marker type is determined by the section selected.

Triple depth graves are available in the Richardson’s Way section. When two graves are not enough and four graves are too much, these graves are the perfect solution. These graves include a single triple depth lawn crypt and the foundation to place a three foot high by two foot wide by one foot thick upright stone constructed of gray granite. The stones are purchased by the family.

We are offering burial space for cremated remains in our Urn Garden. Each Urn Garden grave will accommodate four restricted sized permanent urns. These are flat bronze marker graves. For additional information please call us at 617-387-0800.

To ensure the safety of all visitors, we enforce traffic issues at all times. All motor vehicles must be kept under control at all times and at no time shall vehicles drive through the gates or within the cemetery at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour. All drivers must have in their possession a full and valid license. Student driving is not allowed. All vehicles must park on paved surfaces to prevent damaging the lawns.

Rubbish disposalstrong> on roadways, driveways, paths, walks or in any part of the grounds is prohibited. We will pursue violators of this policy vigorously.

We receive so many requests for genealogy research that we have had to initiate a charge for any requests beyond a two person request.

Additional information may be obtained by visiting the office or calling us at 617-387-0800.

Email: info@woodlawncemetery.com

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