Cemetery Services

Cemetery Services

Planning a funeral service can be a very difficult process for families who have just lost a loved one. But it’s important to provide those who are grieving with a supportive environment in which they can begin to find closure, say goodbye, and come to terms with the loss. Gathering with friends and family gives everyone the opportunity to connect, share memories, offer words of sympathy, and create a lasting network of comfort and support as they start the journey toward healing.

Woodlawn Cemetery Holiday Decorations

Remember your loved ones during the Holiday season by having an attractive seasonal decoration placed by our cemetery staff on the grave of the person you wish to remember. Each arrangement is placed by the first week of December and will remain on the grave until the middle of January. This convenient service ensures that your remembrance will be placed even if you are far away this year.

We currently offer two choices for purchase, a 24” decorated wreath and a 12” decorated cedar log basket . The holiday wreath is mix of noble fir, juniper, cedar, pine cones, holly and a bow. Our cedar log basket is filled with fresh evergreens, pine cones, red berries and a bow.

Both arrangements are available for purchase any time during the year by calling our main office or including payment with your spring floral order. All orders must be placed by November 15 to allow time for placement on graves in December.

Woodlawns Floral Program

For many years Woodlawn Cemetery’s signature has been its flower displays throughout the cemetery. Floral Tributes are available to all grave and lot owners at Woodlawn. We currently offer Begonias in a variety of flower and leaf colors. Beds are planted starting in May and are maintained through the summer and early fall until mid-October or first frost. Floral bed plantings can be ordered through the office on a one or five year plan. Prices are based on the size of the headstone /flat marker that is on the grave or lot.

Woodlawns Monument Cleaning Program

Woodlawn Cemetery offers a monument cleaning service performed by our Grounds staff. Please call the office for more information and pricing of this service. We currently do not clean or polish bronze or granite flat markers. Signed permission from the lot owner is required before work can be performed on any monument.

Burial Services

There are different services that you can choose for a loved one’s burial, depending upon your individual needs and preferences:

  • Immediate burial means that your loved one will be buried or entombed without a public service or gathering.
  • Visitation, also called a viewing, wake, or calling hours, allows family and friends to gather in a room with the departed loved one in an open or closed casket and say goodbye or offer their support and sympathy to the bereaved.
  • Funeral or memorial services can take place at a funeral home, in a church, or even at your home. The service is a ceremony which serves to celebrate, honor, and remember the life of the deceased. Whether traditional or unique, both the visitation and the funeral service can be personalized to reflect the individuality of your loved one.
  • Graveside, chapel, or committal services are held at the cemetery, and allow family and friends to be present as their loved one is transferred to his or her final disposition through ground burial.

Cremation Services

Cremation, today has become a universally accepted optional part of the funeral process. In fact, as more people of all faiths grow to know more about this age-old concept, more choose it for their loved ones. Our cremation facilities are state of the art and are part of the services offered at Woodlawn. After the cremation and memorial services, there are a variety of choices for your loved one's final disposition:

  • Interment means that you'll bury or entomb your loved one's cremated remains. This can be in a family plot, a memorial site, a cremation niche or urn garden, or in a variety of other indoor and outdoor locations. Ask our staff for a detailed list of interment possibilities.
  • Graveside services are similar to those celebrated alongside a traditional ground burial, in which loved ones are present at the burial of the cremated remains and honor the deceased through memorial prayers or other meaningful tributes.
  • Scattering allows you to spread your loved one's cremated remains in a memorial garden, a cemetery, over water, or across any other meaningful site. You also can choose to scatter some of the cremated remains and retain the rest in an urn for interment or another form of disposition.
  • Placing cremated remains in multiple urns allows family members who are separated by distance to each feel the comfort of having their loved one's final resting place in a nearby location.

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