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Woodlawn Cemetery is the final resting place for many interesting and prominent people and the Cemetery grounds are filled with distinctive monuments and extensive plantings. Woodlawn Cemetery has developed a walking tour of the cemetery's most famous and notable people.  This tour will introduce you to some of Woodlawn's most historic locations and lots. Guidebooks are available in the main office, free of charge. When walking through the cemetery, we ask that you be respectful of all who are interred here at Woodlawn, as well the grounds and plantings.

Each month in our Blog we will highlight a few of the people and places on the walking tour with a brief desription of their historic importance.

Number 22 on the Walking Tour is Mary Elizabeth Mahoney on Sable Path. Mary became America's first African American nurse after receiving her diploma in 1879. A tiny woman, Mahoney worked tirelessly to inspire others to follow her, to improve the status of African American nurses and bring equality to all women. 

Number 27 is Chelsea, MA native Helen L. Gilson on Greenlawn Avenue. Helen was an accomplished and beloved Civil War nurse . Gilson frequently worked in deplorable conditions on the battle front as she cared for sick soldiers. The ravages of her wartime work permanently weakened her and she died in childbirth a few years after the war ended. In graditude of her service a veterans group erected a figurine in her honor dressed in classical drapery. The star on her forehead symbolized Gilson's luminous spirit and the inscription is particularly touching. It reads ; " A TRIBUTE FROM SOLDIERS OF THE WAR OF 1861-1865 FOR SELF SACRIFICING LABORS IN THE ARMY HOSPITALS".  

Number 12 is Hawes Atwood on Emerald Path. Mr Atwood founded the Union Oyster House, Bostons oldest restaurant, in 1826. In the early years , Hawes dredged seafood for the restaurant from the tidal marshes in southern Everett.



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